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It's a great game, though a little short. The graphic and the very atmosphere are amazing. Hopefully there will be a part 2 coming.

"video not available"

This looks so good and fluffy!!!


I want more of this, I only did a quick playthrough and I didn't get all the memories but I'll leave that for someone else :3

My let's play:

This is so fun to watch! Thank you so much for featuring our little game! We definitely would like to come back to Sankofa at a later date when we all have more experience under our belt (this was our very first game project!) so stay tuned :)

Just a tip! The copyright line says 2106. And what are the minimum specs? If known

Haha! Thank you for letting us know!
We dont actually know the minimum specs Im sorry!

No problem, It happened to the best of us! Thanks anyway!